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Welcome home, or as we like to call it- Life Community Church!

Pastor Sheila and I have no doubt that you have visited, or at least driven by other churches in route to this one. So we want to tell you a little something about LCC.


We are a nondenominational, bible believing church committed to inspiring you and fostering growing relationships. How do we do that? By sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Here, we do L.I.F.E. and church...Together. We're custom fit for those who do not know Christ, those who know Him but have strayed away, and/ or those who are simply tired of church as they have known it. Regardless of where your coming from, LCC is where you want to be if you're looking for a transformative experience.

Did we mention that we do L.I.F.E and church TOGETHER? We're committed to walking with you in your faith journey, and we aim to create opportunities for your discipleship, growth, and empowerment. While sometimes unorthodox in our approach, we are strategic and intentional with our presentation of the Gospel, recognizing that we are ALL empowered through our faith in Jesus Christ. That just means we are serious about our relationship with Christ and less concerned about “rules” that have no power to save.

We are Love Inspired and Faith Empowered to live L.I.F.E. more abundantly! Thank you for visiting! Please join us for one of our upcoming services or events! We’d love to connect with you!


Pastor Christopher Walls


You can expect to be welcomed into an enjoyable, familial experience in Christ! We have a template for each service, but our main focus is on praising God, having fun, and learning/sharing how every aspect of our lives can be enriched by consistent growth in our faith! We keep this focus for both our adult and our youth (Generation NEXT) programming.

The way we accomplish this varies: Singers, dancers, videos, comedians, gaming trucks (for the kids...the kids), preaching, teaching, and the occasional Praise in the Park. One thing is sure! Giving God the glory is the focus!


Pastors Christopher and Sheila Walls have been serving together in ministry for over two decades. Their varied experiences- ranging from youth pastoring, church administration, praise and worship, teaching, and preaching, to leading marriage ministries- coupled with their passion for serving God, have outfitted them to fulfill the charge of leading God's people to living a purpose-driven life according to God's will. 


SUNDAYS: 9:37am 

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