Vision Cast 2020

LCC Community!


Pastor Sheila and I certainly miss worshipping with you face-to-face! Who knew LIFERS would ever experience a hug deficiency?  COVID-19 has challenged us to discover creative ways to “church”.  Our approach today may be different, yet LCC core values remain the same.


Many of you have asked “Where do we go from here?”


Glad you asked!  We are excited to share LCC strategy for the next 6-12 months and give you a peak into our longer-term vision.


Staying connected, doing life and church together, are important to us. Here is how we’ll do it…

  • LCC is committed to virtual services over the next 6-12 months. This means Sunday services, DEEPER, and LIFE Groups will primarily meet online.

  • We are committed to strengthening the LCC Community and expanding our outreach both in and beyond Collin County

  • LCC is introducing WOW Events! Yes! Let’s worship outside the walls of the physical church! These events will include monthly, outside gatherings (I.e. Community Communion, Fit Church, Park & Praise, etc).


God is accelerating LCC’s Vision. Hallelujah!

  • The LCC GoLive Campaign began in January 2020. By April, the goal was not only met…but exceeded! A big THANKS to all who supported this effort! This has positioned LCC well to thrive in a virtual environment much sooner than originally anticipated.

  • The LCC long term vision has always included purchasing or building our own facility. Once again, we believe God is accelerating us in that direction.

  • For that reason, our lease at 2414 W. University Drive in McKinney, Texas will not be renewed. Finances will be reallocated from lease payments to investment savings. This will prepare us to build or purchase our own facility.

  • The new facility will be poised to host and better meet the needs of the community.


Our ask of you…

  • Pray that we continue to hear clearly, and faithfully follow, what God is saying to us!

  • Be engaged in our virtual services and WOW events. Put your God-given abilities to action, in the form of volunteerism. Your active volunteerism accelerates your spiritual maturity and serves others who are seeking (and growing in) The Kingdom of God! There are needs within LCC that you are designed to fulfill! Let’s get it!

  • Continue to support the ministry actively and financially! Your continued giving allows the mission of LCC to go forward, both today and in the future. Your giving is a blessing to others. Your giving is a seed sown in fertile grown. Your giving is worship and brings God glory!


Thank you for connecting with us!


Pastor Chris

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