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Our History

In 2014, Christopher and Sheila Walls, along with their three children, accepted the call to start a church...a ministry that would bring LIFE to thousands of people in the Collin County, Texas area. Equipped with an insatiable passion, love for God and His people, and years of ministry experience we launched our first worship experience on October 5, 2014 as LIFE Community Church - Collin County.

Our mission is to minister to those who do not know Christ (unchurched), to those who know Him but have strayed away and are now detached from the church   (de-churched), and to those who are simply tired of church as they have known it (over-churched).  This is accomplished through a variety of adult focused ministries, marriage ministry (Love Bond, Inc.), and youth ministries (Generation N.E.X.T. and Joshua's Generation).

LIFE Community Church is committed to inspiring believers thru the love of Christ. Inspired to do what? To be discipled in their faith, to grow in their faith, and to be empowered by their faith to live LIFE...and that more abundantly!

We are making history one soul, one LIFE at a time!

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